Lapszámok 2010
1. szám

Bozsaky Dávid:
Polisztirol homlokzati hőszigetelő rendszerek károsodásai és hibaforrásai


Damages and errors in polystyrene thermal insulation systems of facade walls
Thermal insulation of buildings is especially important nowadays because of environmental and economical reasons. Households represent the 32% of the world’s total energy consumption and the heating energy amounts to the 78% of it. The heat loss of buildings and the consumption of energy can be reduced by the thermal insulation of facade walls at the same time. The thermal insulation system of facade walls consists of many layers and all of them important from the respect of the function, this is why the careful and highly responsible planning and constructing is necessary. Despite of the lots of handbooks and planning guides, we can come across several mistakes. Generally they cause only aesthetical problems, but only one mistake, that seems to be insignificant, might be the cause of fateful effects (failure of the mechanical quality, loss of insulating power, decrease of the lifespan).

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