Lapszámok 2009
1. szám

Bukovics Ádám:
Budapesti lakóépületek alapozásainak szerkezeti és épületdiagnosztikai elemzése – 1. rész


There has been a detailed building diagnostic and condition assessment prepared about a considerable part of the buildings in District XIII of Budapest. I have processed 342 expert opinions altogether on the basis of building structure and building diagnostic aspects. Expert opinions have been arranged in 3 groups and studied accordingly (multi-storey buildings, single-storey buildings, single-storey buildings in generally poor condition). Buildings were built between 1880 and 1950. A joint study of such buildings provides valuable information about the structures and building defects of condominiums built in Budapest in various ages. Connections can be discovered between the age, structural system, material of buildings and the diagnosed construction defects. In the study these connections are demonstrated by diagrams and figures, too. Since there are residential buildings of similar condition in various districts of Budapest, the experience, gained from analyses, can be efficiently utilised in the course of the rehabilitations of town quarters.
Keywords: Building diagnostics, building structure, building pathology, structural defects, foundation structures

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