Lapszámok 2009
1. szám

Dr. Jámbor Attila:
Az Eljárási kódex 2008. évi változásai


Nine months after the 37/2007. (XII. 13.) ÖTM , also known as Process Code, came into force it had been already comprehensively modified. The modifications in 2008 September provided several opportunities to the investors to shorten or simplify the permitting procedure. Lists of permits changed as well, site changing policy function changing policy and the function changing determined, the advance permit for creation of a real property, the advance permit for change of function and the permit for change of function. Due to these modifications the builder can retain a building administration experts services. The employment such an expert brings the benefit that the relevant authority has to finish the permitting procedure out of turn but farthest within 30 days. Appendix No.1. of the Process Code changed significantly, this annex orders the list of acts with permission and notification requirement. Regulations of facades and chimneys were also modified. Beside of the process code 93/1990 act should be mentioned as well. In reference to the procedures after September 1st, 2008, several items were modified which were used differently (was not clearly determinated) by the authorities. Nevertheless, the amount of the fee was increased also, so far free acting supervision costs HUF 50 000 henceforth.

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