Lapszámok 2014
1. szám

Kisgyörgy Lajos - Plesz Balázs:
Aszfalt burkolatok hőenergiája


The surface of roads and parking places could be regarded as a low-cost solar collector system. Using road pavements as alternative energy sources has several advantages. Renewable energy could be harvested, and the effective life span of the pavement structure could be extended by cooling down the hot pavement. By the reduction of the heat radiating from the road surfaces, the air temperature of densely built urban areas could be decreased as well during the hot summer days.
The utilization of road pavements as alternative energy sources is a new and interesting topic. Currently some introductory implementation happened, mainly to cool down the pavement and to produce hot water for the premises beside the road. In some cases the energy gained in summer was used to prevent icing on the road in winter.
The following questions should be answered to create an optimal technology:
- Which is the most effective way to harvest the heat energy of pavements?
- How the roads and parking places could be built to maximize their heat absorbing abilities?
- What are the operational and maintenance issues?
- What road pavement maintenance technologies could be applied?
We have analyzed the following three basic approaches in detail:
- application of circulated heat transporting liquid
- integrated thermoelectric block traversing the courses of the pavement
- cascading thermoelectric elements between the pavement courses
Among them the system of circulated heat transporting liquids proved to be implementable in practice. At the creation of the technology besides the potential amount of the harvested energy the implementability and the long-term operability were also significant factors.
The result of the research is a technology which makes it possible to harvest the heat energy of road pavements economically and to increase the life-span of the pavement structure.
Keywords: asphalt, thermoelectric generator

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