Lapszámok 2014
1. szám

Bocz Péter:
Átmeneti ívek vizsgálata részletes kinematikus módszerekkel


Transition curves are the most commonly researched part of the railway track alignment. This is because the complex kinematics of railway track, which culminates in transitions, built with cant runoff. The correct, theory based geometry of transition curves is important to the passenger comfort as well as for the track maintenance and operation. In this paper, the transition geometry was examined by kinematical methods, where the cant runoff was taken into account and the vehicle treated as a body, which has a longitudinal extension (two bogies). The result is that – as the current Hungarian legislation does not take effect the cant, as a lateral acceleration reduction, into the calculation of transition length – the transitions with cant runoff, the rate of the lateral acceleration change is much smaller than would be permitted. In some cases the unnecessarily long transition curves can be shortened.
Keywords: kinematical examination, clothoid transition, cosine transition, length of transition, change in lateral acceleration, cant runoff

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