Lapszámok 2014
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The continuously welded rail tracks are very popular and wide because of their advantages. Although the continuously welded rail tracks have special mechanical properties and requirements and they need special construction and maintenance. One of the most important requirements of the continuously welded rail tracks is the big lateral resistance especially in small radius curves. In case of railway tracks in crushed stone ballast bed, the major part of the lateral resistance is given by the ballast resistance. The lateral ballast resistance can be increased by several solutions, which are highlighted in the following three methods: ballast bonding technology and safety caps and Y steel sleepers. The main goal of this publication is to demonstrate the tests and measurements made in three different track sections that were built by the mentioned three different methods, to compare and analyze the results of the measurements and to summarize the conclusions.
Keywords: continuously welded rail track, crushed stone ballast bed, small radius curve, lateral resistance, ballast resistance, ballast bonding technology, safety cap, Y steel sleeper

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