Lapszámok 2014
1. szám

Kovácsné Igazvölgyi Zsuzsanna:
Gyalogosok szabálytalan közlekedése Budapesten jelzőlámpás kereszteződésekben


Pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable transport users. They do not have to know the rules and the Highway Code. Many times they walk unpredictably using their own logic. 40% of pedestrian accidents involving pedestrians are caused by errors of pedestrians in Hungary. The analyses of their movements are always an up to date topic. Analyses were made in some areas in Budapest to search for the answer why and when pedestrians cross irregularly during red time. The analysis shows that the time delay does not explain these crossings. Between the irregular crossings and the length of crossings length are relationship. The 70% of the irregular pedestrians crossed the roads in maximum 6 seconds gap time. The ratio of the irregular crossing is higher on the just tram crossing facility. The sample of the tram cross’s gap time is smaller. The second part of the article presents a solution from Vienna for crossings harmonized at tram stops.
Keywords: Pedestrian accident, jaywalker, irregular crossing, zebra crossing, traffic light, red time, delay, gap time, risk

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